" “Fast Forward”, “Viridian”, “Burst”, and “Rogue” have some of the strongest guitar leads, and are the best tracks on In Motion. “Waves” is a stunningly beautiful classical guitar duet, while the clean guitars and bass soloing on “Atmos” provide a fusion-y Animals As Leaders vibe that is also worth noting. "

 - ItDjents, Review Rundown: Volume 4 : https://goo.gl/vcXz1J


"A new generation of musical talents are making their presence known. Retrosphere is a band that can easily be included among those ranks. Through colorful musical composition and a lush garden of ideas to pick from, they’ve proven to be both talented and resourceful in their craft."

- The Circle Pit, Retrosphere "In Motion" Album Review : https://goo.gl/8ftNwx


"In addition to the plethora of catchy guitar riffs, the band has included sections of 8-bit video game-styled MIDI tracks that add a strong positive element to the atmosphere of the album. Instrumental progressive metal fans will feel right at home with In Motion, and that’s exactly how Retrosphere intended it."

- ItDjents, Weekly Featured Artist: Retrosphere : https://goo.gl/xqQNCm